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Webinar Summaries

Summaries of the EASLCE Webinars from 2020 onwards. For earlier summaries please visit the EALSCE website.

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Summary of the 17th EASLCE Webinar: Transversal Aesthetics

On 2 March, a group of aspiring ecocritics joined Dr André Krebber (University of Kassel, Germany) to discuss the interrelation of aesthetics and the non-human. The different readings and cultural productions elicited a lively conversation about the possibilities of aesthetics beyond the human, speciecism, perception, imitation, and other aspects.
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Summary of the 14th EASLCE Webinar: Ecocritics Going Public

On 6 April 2020 seven enthusiastic ecocritics from various countries in Europe joined Dr Scott Slovic from the University of Idaho to discuss the values, opportunities and challenges of capitalising on their research to become public intellectuals.
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Picture of Dr Scott Slovic, University of Idaho, United States