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Sajay Samuel

Articles: Dreaming of Home (January 2021)

Sajay Samuel teaches at The Pennsylvania State University.

Sritama Chatterjee

Articles: Teaching Information Literacy in a Class on Global Environmental Justice (January 2021)

Read more about Sritama Chatterjee.

Milo Harries

Articles: “Review: Virtual Opening and Streaming Festival ‘Critical Zones’” (May 2020)

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Katherine (Kate) Huber

Articles: “Teaching Environmental Literature Online” (August 2020)

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Katharina Maria Kalinowski

Articles: “‘Where are you from?’ Making Ecopoetic Homes” (June 2020); “Birches like Barcodes” (January 2021)

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Hannah Klaubert

Articles: “The Chernobyl TV Series and the Impossibility of (Narrative) Closure” (September 2020)

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Melina Lieb

Articles: “Teaching Creative Nature Writing and Translation” (September 2020) – German version available; “Birches like Barcodes” (January 2021)

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